Psychological Services

Psychology is an academic field rather than medical, and concentrates on processes of thinking, emotion, and behaviour.  Psychology is focused on advising people on ‘good mental health’ and how to live their life.

AMHT provides in general: (clinical) assessment, counselling, and psychotherapy. All are available from qualified AMHT staff.
The staff of AMHT includes a qualified clinical psychologist – trained in clinical assessment and psychotherapy – who is responsible for supervising the psychological services provided by AMHT. We also have two trained counsellors. The team works fundamentally from a cognitive and behavioural theoretical basis together with several therapeutic techniques.

What are psychotherapy, counselling and a clincial assessment?

Psychotherapy is provided by trained clinical psychologists. Technically, it is termed as such for patients who suffer from severe symptoms of trauma, depression, or anxiety and may or may not be on medication. Psychotherapy is based on thoughts, emotions, body responses and behaviours which cause significant distress and reduce the quality of a person’s life. It is an interaction between a trained professional and a client which includes education, collaborative dialogue, and behavioural change.

Counselling is a process which includes education on psychological issues, learning skillsin managing emotions and behaviours, and generally improving the quality of life and relationships. This is done individually or in groups, according to the needs of the client.

Clinical assessment is a process of diagnosing mental illness, and whether or not the condition requires medication. It is also a process of determining educational, cognitive, and emotional problems which need to be addressed through medical and psychological services.

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