Case Studies and more

On this page we would like to present a case study from time to time of typical cases we are working with and the people who benefit from the services provided by AMHT.

Below you’ll find a case study of Susan, a 17 year old girl suffering from anxiety.

Susan (17):

‘Susan’ is a 17 year old girl, the eldest of four children born to parents who both work  in small businesses.

Since childhood, Susan had suffered from nocturnal enuresis, known as bed wetting to most of us. She had tried everything to control it – avoiding drinks in the evening and being woken up, but she had never gained control and still sometimes wet the bed twice a week.

When she joined Form One at boarding school, the problem escalated and ‘Susan’ was in despair. It was both embarrassing and humiliating in front of her fellow students.  She also began to wonder if she would ever be able to marry and share a bed with her husband.

Just before her graduation, ‘Susan’ met a fellow student who had suffered with the same problem and had been treated at AMHT some years before. She came in for treatment as soon as she was able.

It was immediately apparent that ‘Susan’ was suffering from anxiety. She began a treatment programme which included anxiety management using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Some behavioural conditioning was also used in which she set an alarm at the same time every night to empty her bladder. After only a month, she was waking up automatically without the need of an alarm. She was also given bladder control exercises to carry out during the day.

After only four sessions and much hard work on her part, ‘Susan’ had gained complete bladder control at night. She has now passed her Form Four exams and is looking forward to her future, a new boarding school and eventually marriage with the excitement and anticipation of a normal 17 year old girl.