SIGMHA (Special Interest Group in Mental Health in Arusha) meets once per 2 month for a lunchtime presentation on mental health related issues.  Hosted by AMHT, the group is open to all. The “Special Interest Group Mental Health Arusha” has been running monthly and has attracted more and more attendees to the point that we now have to ask our selves: do we look for another venue to host this meeting?   We offer topics of specific mental health relevance during lunch-time on a Friday to allow people to return to work. Presenters can be experts, practitioners, trainees, clients, or family members of people with a mental health challenge.  The meetings are open to all. This is an excellent forum for meeting people, for personal support, for exchange of ideas, for raising and increasing awareness of issues and for staff capacity building.

Because our visitors sometimes encounter serious parking issues at Mt Meru Regional Hospital, the SIGMHA meetings will be held in an offsite location. Please check the SIGMHA announcement in the Newsflash  (on this website) for the right venue.

We are always looking for speakers. If you have an interesting subject to share, please contact


Timetable for SIGMHA meetings 2013


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