Info On Farm Radio



In June of 2014, Arusha Mental Health Trust partnered with an organization based in Arusha called Farm Radio International. Farm Radio International is an organization that works with farmers in Tanzania and Africa at large. This organization educates farmers on different farming techniques, through Radio Programs. In December, Farm Radio International started a program on teen mental health and focused mainly on Depression in Adolescents. Farm Radio International decided to partner with Arusha Mental Health Trust in order to use the staff resources, experience and knowledge.


The program started by Farm Radio International, will cover the following areas; spreading awareness about mental health to secondary school students,  secondary school teachers and health care providers. Nemburis Manangwa and Evanna Lyons will be involved in the training of these health care providers. As well as this, AMHT will be one of the mental health services that will be receiving clients that may be the result of the listening progammes and workshops on teen mental health in the Arusha area, started by Farm Radio International.


The program has also worked with a Radio Station in Arusha, whereby they have created a Radio Program whose target group is adolescents.  The radio programs will have topics on Mental Health and AMHT will be one of the educators in these radio programs.