Development Programs for Health Care and Social Workers

These courses are designed for people working in areas where particular skills are needed. The courses are not meant only for trained professionals, but are tailored to the educational level and language requirements of the group (English or Swahili). For example, the counseling skills course has been taught successfully in community based palliative care programs, with lay people volunteering in HIV/AIDS programs, orphanages, schools, and special needs programs with disabled people at a suitable level for lay people and trained professionals. The same course can be tailored for people who have an academic background in psychology and who desire a more in-depth and theoretical approach to these areas of mental health clinical work.


1. Basic Counseling Skills

2. Therapy Techniques

3. Schema Focused Therapy

4. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

5. Inner Child

6. Gestalt Techniques (Empty Chair, etc)

7. Expressive Therapies

8. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques

9. Psychosis and Schizophrenia


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